Monday, June 26, 2006

The Main Competitors of JSI Telecom

The Main Competitors of JSI Telecom:
Comverse Infosys, Pen-Link, AWS, CIS, Motorola, Top Layer Networks, SBC, Nortel Networks, CommWorks Corporation, CRAG, SS8 Networks, AG Communications Systems, Advanced Fibre Communications, Telcordia Technologies, Siemens, Lucent Technologies, Cyneta Networks, Cisco, Narus, OPASTCO, ATIS, USTA, Steptoe and Johnson, WorldCom
Some details:

CALEA compliance was announced Wednesday by CommWorks Corporation in its Total Control 1000 Interworking Function (IWF) High Density Gateway, a wireless gateway for code division multiple access (CDMA) service providers. The gateway enables CDMA providers with 2G and 2.5G data services to deliver Internet and corporate intranet access as well as voice and data services, and supports an interface with all major wireless switches. The company is also working on CALEA compliance for the Total Control 1000 3G Packet Data Serving Node.

Comverse Infosys, a subsidiary of Comverse Technology, offers the STAR-GATE solution for CALEA compliance, supporting both circuit-switched and packet networks. The system consists of a Mediation Device, which offers the delivery functions of surveillance, and a Surveillance Administration Subsystem, which assigns interception targets and oversees administration, maintenance, and security.

The VoiceBoxIII Digital Collection System from JSI Telecom supports circuit-switched intercepts, as well as fax, data, VoIP, and video within a single Windows environment. The solution also supports intercepts of all wireless services from Nextel. The system features a database analysis program for creating text and graphical reports, a post-processing option for generating and managing translations and transcriptions, and forensic capabilities like audio filters, adaptive equalizers, and video clean-up tools.

Pen-Link, Ltd. offers the Local Intercept Network Collection - On Line Network (LINCOLN), which is compatible with existing pen register equipment and may be used in wireline and wireless networks. The system is compliant with CALEA specifications, and may be used for wiretap, pen register, and trap and trace investigations. Pen-Link Software is included with the LINCOLN solution, enabling data collection, management, and analysis, as well as search, retrieval, and playback functions.

Alternative solutions to Carnivore certainly give wireless and broadband service providers a more level playing field for complying with CALEA and the approved punch list items. But compliance still won't be easy, and the FCC is allowing individual carriers to petition for extensions beyond the November 19 date, in anticipation of complications in meeting requirements. As for the contested punch list items, the FCC expects to reach a decision by the end of this year about the feasibility of requiring these items, and has set a date of June 30, 2002 for all carriers to be fully compliant with CALEA.


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