Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Request to authorize the City Manager to enter into an agreement with JSI Telecom for the purchase of an annual maintenance plan and software and equipment upgrades for the Police Department. The total cost will be $40,765. This request is made by the Deputy Finance Director and the Commander of the Drug Enforcement Bureau.

The Voicebox III System was provided to Phoenix as transferred equipment from the Pima County Sheriff's Office. The equipment requires an annual maintenance agreement at a cost of $13,025. Additional costs for software and equipment upgrade for work efficiency are requested at a cost of $27,740. JSI Telecom is the manufacturer and sole provider of proprietary software and integrated equipment.

Funds are available in the Police Department's budget for this purchase. Funds up to $25,067 are available through the Hints Grant. The remaining $15,698 in funds are available through the Drug Enforcement Bureau.

The subject firm is eligible to do business with the City of Phoenix until October 26, 2006, by its compliance with the affirmative action requirements of the City Code, Chapter 18, Article IV or V. The firm is responsible for maintaining its eligibility during the life of the contract and failure to do so may result in termination of the contract.

This item is also recommended by Mr. Washington.

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