Wednesday, April 19, 2006

DEA Awards to JSI

Description: Telephone Intercept Equipment also known as Dialed Number Recorders (DNRs). This contract will provide the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) Telecommunications Intercept and Audio/Video Support Unit of the Investigative Technology Section with a variety of DNRs. The Contractor shall provide dial number recorders, supporting hardware and other accessories, as well as help line support services, training, upgrades, enhancements and options throughout the life of this contract. During the life of the contract, the contractor shall keep pace technologically with the state-of-the art telecommunications advances.

Contract Number: JSI Telecom, Gaithersburg, Maryland / DEA-97-C-0053
Comverse Government Systems, Reston, Virginia / DEA-97-C-0054
Bartlett Technologies Corporation, Hollywood, Florida / DEA-97-C-0055
RACOM, Cleveland, Ohio / DEA-97-C-0056
Recall Technologies, Inc., Palm Bay, Florida / DEA-97-C-0057
Voice Identification, Inc., Somerville, New Jersey / DEA-97-C-0058

Award Date: September 1997
Estimated Award Amount: $25 million dollar ceiling for each contract
Contract Type: Fixed Price, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity
Period of Performance: Base Period with Four (4) twelve-month Option Periods
Contracting Officer: Ms. Michele T. Allen, 202-307-0430
Contract Specialist: Mr. Jeffrey A. Saylor, 202-307-4366

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